Lego Batman’s Will Arnett Walks Down Lego Walk of Doom

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  • We know that the Batman’s arch nemesis is the Joker, but we all know who Lego Batman’s arch nemesis is— the feet of frustrated parents! Will Arnett, voice of Lego Batman, comes on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to walk across the… Lego Walk of Doom! His feet, pained, over a floor of legos!

    If Batman was here he could investigate this lego trail further. Who were these Lego children once upon a time? Were they citizens such as you or I? Buildings? What is Kimmel’s role in this? Why does he seek to embarrass the voice of Lego Batman by forcing him to hurt his body so?! Is the world going to burn at the deadly fist of Darkseid!? And whole role hath The Joker? Did he spill all these legos?

    Guys did the Joker spill dem Legos?

    I guess we’ll never know! For now, we can just watch the clip above! Same Bat Time (whenever Kimmel is on), same Bat Channel (whatever channel Kimmel is on). Tell us what you think in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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