Starlings Escape Falcon As Flock In Gorgeous Video

The way these birds move is unreal.
By Alex Firer
  • Nature works together as a flock of birds (starlings to be exact) manage to evade a falcon in this beautiful Facebook video. The animal kingdom, even when it fights is a glorious, gorgeous, and insane thing.

    It’s amazing to be reminded just how powerful we are in numbers, as this video proves. A falcon tried to make a meal of a bird in the sky, as seen in this moving flock. It’s hypnotic just to see this flock expertly take shape and shift to avoid the falcon, as if it was a creature with one brain rather a group of individual birds. The birds escape brilliantly and, try as the falcon does, he cannot capture these creatures! Sorry, falcon! But the brilliance of the hive bird mind is too much for your foul claws!

    Heck, even without the falcon, watching this birds’ flock change shape is a sight to behold.

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