“Beauty and Lord Voldermort” Trailer Edit of Disney Trailer is Amazing

Pistol Shrimps has created a bizarre but brilliant fan edit, putting the Harry Potter villain in the place of the Beast in the new live action trailer.
By Alex Firer
  • Emma Watson is an amazing actress with an unbelievably iconic role: the Harry Potter series’ Hermione Granger, and our love for Harry Potter is infinite. We want more, and what doesn’t come down — such is the power of fandom— we will create. That seems to be a part of the attitude behind Pistol Shrimps’ edit of the new live action Beauty and the Beast trailer to include Voldermort in the place of the Disney Beast.

    Then we see the unthinkable— Emma Watson in a romance with Voldermort!? I think not!? How are they making it work!? Clearly this is a different Voldermort than the mad killer from the Potter series. This is a… sweet sensitive Voldermort? Maybe like Emma Watson, Voldermort is just an ACTOR thank you very much. And he can pursue other ROLES if he so chooses!

    Still this is an impressive edit. In the past, Pistol Shrimps has edited a romance between Katniss and a piece of bread, so this is on brand for them.

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