Scientist Invent New Robot Bee

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  • The bee population may be endangered, but not to worry friends! Science is to the rescue! Yes science! Terrifying robot science, sure! But science! You see, scientists have invented a robot bee to take over for all of the pollinating that regular bees may not be able to do now that they’re endangered. We need plant life to breathe and eat, and we need bees to make sure plant life grows, so this simple machine may be instrumental right now to saving the Earth.

    The fake bees resemble small drones, and are capable of spreading pollen from flower to flower with the use of smaller horse hair brushes attached to them. The drone was developed by Eijiro Miyako at Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, and he advises the drones to be combined with real bees for maximum utility. While we can’t wait, we are worried. What next, robot flowers!? And robot humans!? We shudder to think!

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