“Cash Me Outside” Girl Fights With Passenger

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  • So that’s what Cash Me Outside, means! Got it!

    Daniel, the girl famous for saying “Cash Me Outside, How About That” on Dr. Phil got into an altercation with a fellow airline passenger and ended up punching her during a fight.

    Look, I don’t know how they raise kids these days. In my days, when a kid mouthed off on Dr. Phil’s show, saying the likes of “Cash me outside, how about that”, we usually took her aside and said “We do not talk to adults that way. We’ve tried to take this girl whose phrase “Catch me outside” made her a superstar and make her famous. And that, you guys, didn’t work to curb such behavior. For you see. A fight has broken out!

    The altercation was recorded and took place on an airplane after a passenger got impatient with Daniel’s mom for taking too long to board and persisted to be belligerent and rude to them. That’s when Daniel punched her. Hey. She cashed her outside. And how about that.

    We can’t fault this girl for standing up to her mother, although we officially finger wag at violence, and all we have to say is: Cash Me Outside girl. We’ve missed your ways so.

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