Here Comes The Pot Sasquatch

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  • We live in a world of magic, we’ve always known that. The beauty around each and every corner is infinite and majestic. We have always known that creatures grand and infinite are within our world. . This becomes even truer still… when you consider… the Pot Sasquatch! (Nickname: Potsquatch!)

    On air meteorologist Jennifer Paglieli was reporting on a snow storm in Springfield, Massachusetts, when the great creature walked behind her! A mountain being of pot leaves, beauty, and infinite love for all humanity. Also his skin is made of smokable weed I guess?

    Apparently this Pot Sasquatch may be as mortal as you or I! Apparently he is a mascot for PotCo, a weed dispensary, and this may have just been a costumed denizen on his way to work. Which hey— neither snow. Nor hail. My friends. Not even sleet will stop Pot Sasquatch from doing his cannabusiness with the good people of Springfield! Bless thee Potsquatch, bless thee!

    So what did you think of Potsquatch? Will you go buy some weed in Springfield, Mass now?? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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