SNL and Host Alec Baldwin Take Trump Roast To The Next Level!

With the legendary Trump impersonator Alec Baldwin hosting, things were bound to get political.
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  • Amid reports that Saturday Night Live is enjoying a spike in ratings—its highest in 22 years—the iconic live show mercilessly roasted Trump and his legion of loyal followers this episode.

    Hosted by Alec Baldwin, SNL covered a string of controversies that have plagued the new administration this week. Melissa McCartney returned as the White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer in the cold open. We see McCarthy’s Spicer mispronounce countries, berate journalists, and espouse alternative facts—as you might know, an accurate portrayal of the real Spicer.

    In explaining how “extreme vetting works”, McCarthy’s Spicer uses dolls to compare individuals subject to extra scrutiny. Spicer picks up a barbie doll. “You have barbie coming in. Nice American girl, back from a dream vacation. We know she’s okay because she’s blond. So she gets in.” However, as she picks up a figure of Moana, the indigenous character from the new animation movie Moana, Spicer goes: “Uh-oh. Uh-oh, it’s Moana. Slow your roll honey. And then we’re going to pat her down, and we’re going to read her e-mail, and if we don’t like the answers, which we won’t, boom, Guantanamo Bay!” Newly confirmed Attorney General Jeff Sessions, played by Kate McKinnon, also made an appearance in the cold open.

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  • In a separate sketch, Kate McKinnon returns as senior counselor and spin doctor Kellyanne Conway. In the sketch, Kellyanne plays a lunatic that has sneaked into CNN anchor Jake Tapper’s house. When Jake Tapper confronts her about making up a fake massacre to further her rhetoric, Kellyanne pulls out a knife, licks it, and claims, “I’ll do something really crazy. What if I do a free commercial for Ivanka’s shoes, live on air?” Referring to the incident this week in which Kellyanne broke ethics rules by promoting Ivanka Trump’s personal business, the joke garnered a lot of laughs as Conway threw the knife at Tapper.

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    Kate McKinnon plays a crazed Kellyanne Conway who has broken into CNN anchor Jake Tapper’s house.

  • And finally, the host Alex Baldwin tops the political week off with his famed impersonation of Donald Trump in an episode of the People’s Court. Spoofing Trump’s incident with the circuit court judges, Trump played the plaintiff, and the three circuit court judges the defendants. SNL roasted Trump on his misogynist past, with the character claiming “Well, thank you judge. Or what do you call a lady judge, a flight attendant?” The judge concomitantly responds by saying “I want one day without a CNN alert that scares the hell out of me,” which was met with loud cheers by the audience.

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  • Trump has previously shown extreme displeasure at SNL’s portrayal of him, frequently tweeting that Alec Baldwin’s impersonation is unfunny and biased. It was also reported that, for some unbeknownst reason, President Trump had shown dismay at Spicer being portrayed by a female actor. However, this is not to say that these jokes are not warranted. Despite Trump’s grudge against the show, one could argue that if the administration were to have fewer scandals per week, the show would not be as popular or relatable. If he hates it so much, perhaps President Trump should dial down the divisive rhetoric, ethics violations, and scandals.

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