Pregnant Beyonce Performs At Grammys

Has Queen Bey ever glowed brighter?
By Alex Firer
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  • When you’re pregnant, some people may say you’re glowing. And when you’re Beyonce you’re naturally glowing at all times, of course. But a gold clothes decked, pregnant Beyonce? Wearing a veil and a halo, no less? It’s a glorious, beautiful and, we can safely say– very, very glowing thing.

    Beyonce’ wowed the crowd with her performance — her first public appearance after she revealed her pregnancy. The performance was as avant-garde as it’s always been — from the back of a chair as the singer performed Love Drought and Sandcastles, and she moved like a glorious goddess. Queen Bey. You shall never let us down! Push your music into a religious landscape. Bless, Queen Bey, bless.

  • The music itself was a brilliant ode to being born and to giving birth, complete with Beyonce giving birth to glowing energy on stage. The person behind some of the greatest and most meaningful pop music in the environment today would never shy away from making her own birth the subject of her music, of meaning and of femininity.

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  • Those twins are due for an unbelievable performance in the future themselves. With that much talent in their little baby DNA, how could they not!? Between Cee-Lo’s golden robot appearance and this unbelievable goddess look, this is a glowing and grand Grammy awards.

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