Beyonce, Bowie and Chance Win Big at Grammys in 2017

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  • I love the Grammys. I love, the music, the performances, and the broad personalities — from beautiful golden Beyonce to beautiful golden Cee-Lo Green. Good job, golden people. You’ve amazed us, as I knew you would.

    The biggest winners of the night seemed to be Beyonce, Chance the Rapper, and the late David Bowie. Beyonce won for Best Urban Contemporary Album for Lemonade and for Best Music Video for Formation. Of course the real hero of the night is her unbelievable performance. You can check out our write up of it here.

    Chance the Rapper wrote for Best New Artist, Best Rap Performance (for No Problem with the rapper 2 Chainz, and, most impressively, Best Rap Album for The Coloring Book, a first for a streaming exclusive album. Chance has a history of putting together amazing mixtapes and has a very different model from most other musicians who usually try to harness an audience through singles. You can check out our write up of Chance’s video for Same Drugs here.

    David Bowie’s popularity has skyrocketed since both his passing, and his tragic hat trick of producing an album about his death to coincide with it. For Blackstar, David Bowie won for Best Rock Song, Rock Performance, Alternative Music Album, Recording Package, and Engineered Album. Pretty great showing, for a pretty great album.

    Also Busta Rhymes came on and said “Thank you, president Agent Orange”, so all in all, a perfect Grammies Awards all around, I would say.

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