Giant Teddy Bear Brings Valentines To Strangers

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  • Yes, Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and yes I hope we all find love on this special day, but if you find yourself worrying you might be alone, worry not! For the Valentine bear is just around the corner! Yes, friends, this Valentine Bear, in actuality a video from comedian Stuart Edge who has used his giant bear costume in the past to skateboard and just tackle people now comes to you, the citizens, to bring you love in a universe of loneliness!

    For you dear gal, a rose! And for you my boy, a pretty little flower! Yes, who will escape the bear of affection! None, I proclaim, none! Even cuter, and may be it’s just for Valentine’s Day, he has a tinier version of his little ursine self by his palm. Bless thee, Valentine Bear, bless thee.

    Giant Bear Valentine Man. Like the honey you no doubt consume, you are unbelievably… sweet!

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