Man Tries To Crack 80 ft Whip, Fails To Crack 80 ft Whip

Doesn't fail to make a great video though!
By Alex Firer
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  • Look, we all have goals and dreams. Some people’s goals and dreams are to successfully use a forty foot whip without accidentally whipping the all get out out of your hand like some kind of super powered Indiana Jones. Some dreams and goals are sadly more attainable than others!

    The whip user in question is one Bryan Ropar, and I think he had high hopes for this one. The video is only thirty seconds long, and it includes one failed whip em up, and then the reveal of a pretty ugly scar on his arm. The whip is 80 ft, but it took only a tiny little part of it to leave such a mark. Ooof. Still, while you couldn’t whip a gigantic whip, you did make an amazing video, sir!

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  • Just chop the whip up into tiny chunks. Give it a bunch of tiny Indiana Joneses in training all across the country and watch them run wild with their new tiny whip treasures! Bless thee, tiny Indiana Jones, bless thee!

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