First American Boy Doll Sounds Like Kind of a Goon

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  • Meet Logan, The First American Boy Doll

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  • So, the American Girl Doll company, an organization that regularly releases dolls with some historical significance to it — or, starting in the 90’s — ones that kind look like the child playing with them. Well, the American Girl doll has a big new unveiling today — an American Boy doll. Guys, his name is Logan, and he sounds like a goon.

    Meet Logan — a drummer from Nasvhille. Logan wears a shirt that says “play it loud” on it and wears jeans with a plaid button down. Yes, Logan seems kind of goony— but like in a normal hipster person way, and of course, of course the people of Twitter had fun with this bizarre addition to the American Girls line.

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  • Let’s make the next American Boy doll either way more of a goon or way less of a goon! This middle ground is just too real!

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