Announcer Claims Runner Tripped Up by Spider-Man

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  • Look, the announcer has it wrong, Spider-Man only attacks villains, not good hearted athletes only trying to win their big race!

    I mean, I guess he’d pick on Flash Thompson though—

    I’m getting ahead of myself. Watch this unbelievable video where Aengus Meldon runs in his race with a nice lead when suddenly he is foiled as he is attacked by a runaway— something. Whatever it is it falls from the air and tangles his feet. Could it be… an errant web from a certain superhero!? That’s what the announcer thought, certainly!

    “Spider-Man attacked him!”, he shouts. But wait! Not Spider-Man! It must be the Chameleon having stolen Spider-Man’s web shooters, or— or— or— he’s not a menace! John Jonah Jameson can’t be right, he just can’t!


    What do you think, did the very real person Spider-Man attack this kid? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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