Stephen Colbert plays Bob Odenkirk, Odenkirk plays Colbert on Late Show

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  • Biopics are always a weird animal. No matter how much you want to get the truth out there, it’s still being said through the filter of performance. Nowhere is that more apparent than in this— Bob Odenkirk’s performance as Stephen Colbert in Late Show: The Movie that he brought to the Late Show.

    Of course, there isn’t really a Late Show: The Movie, I assume because it would make too much money and the taxes on that thing— h’oh boy! But— it’s amazing to watch Bob Odenkirk, of Mr. Show, Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul fame, play Stephen Colbert, with this Odenkirk-Colbert’s guest being: Stephen Colbert as Bob Odenkirk (Colbert-Odenkirk?). If you think that’s a meta mind game, keep watching to end. Bob Odenkirk as Stephen Colbert as Bob Odenkirk will shatter your senses.

    All this to promote Bob Odenkirk’s new movie Girlfriend’s Day, (trailer below). If it’s a quarter as good as this sketch it’ll be a delight. What do you think though? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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