That Donald Trump Press Conference Was Insane

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  • Donald Trump doesn’t hold press conferences often, but when he does— hoo boy. They are always these grim exercises in absolute absurdity as Donald Trump continued to harnague reporters, say things which didn’t make the most sense and at one point demanded a black reporter set up a meeting for him with the CBC.

  • We saw more fight from the media than we have in the past— with every absolutely insane Donald Trump press conference, reporters learn better and better how to fire back at him. This press conference in a sense saw Trump at his most weirdly vulnerable as, armed with facts, such as in the video above where Trump is immediately corrected on his lie concerning his electoral margin (his shrinks both next to Obama’s and George H. W. Bush’s).

    The entire thing is bizzare. At one point he calls himself the least anti semmetic person in the world and very memorably, when he says that CNN reports fake news, but the leaks coming from his administration is real. When asked how the leaks can be real and the news fake, he gives an insane answer. It has to be watched to be believed.

  • Bravo Mr. Trump, bravo. Your exhausting absurdity never ceases to amaze. In the CNN clip above, after Trump tries to get the reporter to admit it is an impressive electoral college margin, he responds “You are the president”. The one bleak fact we can all agree on.

    Any thoughts on this? Any amazing clips from the press conference I should have posted? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending. Like maybe the part where he brags about getting big ratings for the networks while being the president? The whole thing had a lot you guys.

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