Colbert’s Monologue About Trump Press Conference Was Brilliant

Thank goodness we have someone so sane to help us work through the craziness.
By Alex Firer
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  • Colbert recently surpassed Fallon in the ratings, in part due to his brilliant political monologues in this bananas era for civil discourse. Last night’s monologue was no different, as Colbert covered the incomprehensible and maddening Trump press conference from last night.

    Colbert covered Trump’s saddening disrespect for Jewish and black reporters (as Colbert and Baptiste, his bandleader, entered into a short conversation jokingly talking about how Trump believes all black people know each other), and responding to when Trump said “I can’t believe I’m a politician”, Colbert responds “We’ve all seen it. The moment Trump realizes he’s the president.” Thank goodness we have comics like Colbert to help keep us sane during these times of insanity.

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