Clinton Spotted Dining With Her SNL Impersonator Kate MacKinnon

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  • As Trump tweets abuse at Saturday Night Live for their portrayal of him by Alec Baldwin, his 2016 opponent had a different approach to her comedy doppleganger, and was seen by a fan having dinner with Kate MacKinnon at Orso’s, a restaurant in New York City, following a showing of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Sunset Boulevard.

    Hillary, like Obama before her, has kept a good relationship with entertainers, including her appearance on Between Two Ferns and her appearance alongside MacKinnon as well in a Saturday Night Live sketch early on in the election that showed the ex Secretary of State acting as bartender to the comedian, saddened by her race against Bernie Sanders.

    In any case, here is a window to the more sane universe we could have had — with a more sane relationship with SNL — if the election just went in a slightly different direction. Bah I declare.

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