Poke’mon Go Bringing in New Poke’mon This Week

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  • Poke’mon Go, our favorite pre-America-in-Crisis-Mode mobile game is about to get a huge update with the addition of the various and glorious Poke’mon from Poke’mon Gold and Silver, the sequel to the original Poke’mon Red and Blue.

    Poke’mon Go has, as we all know, had a ridiculously strong launch followed by a general drop off in the past few months. Wether it’s due to the bleak recent events or simply the natural life span of a video game as interactive and community based as this one, it’s hard to tell. The question of wether or not the newer Poke’mon additions are enough to bring back the attention at this game so sorely needs is still up in the air. However, look what we got in this new game! We got—

  • Slugmawt

    Source: static2.gamespot.com / Via: www.gamespot.com

  • Uh oh! It’s Slugma! Uh oh! And and and—

  • Snubbullwt

    Via: www.gamespot.com

  • Ahhh! It’s Snubbull! Ahhh! And— and— and, heck I dunno, how about Wobbuffet? We got Wobbuffe—

  • Wobuffettwt

    Source: static4.gamespot.com / Via: www.gamespot.com

  • Oh baby. I have very good news. Wobbuffet is in this game. Okay, I’m in. But how about you? Is the Poke’mon Go update enough to bring you back to the app? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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