MC Alex Trebek Raps The Rap Answers on Jeopardy Once Again

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  • Now all you nerds back in Nerdtown, USA might think old Jeopardy host Alex Trebek is a square, a no nothing! Worst of all — bad at rapping! Sure, you may remember him rapping the cateogires last year, but I bet you thought that was a one time thing! Well friends, hold on to your hats—without further ado— here is Alex Trebek rapping the rap category on Jeopardy— no doubt reflecting his own experience through the raw and confessional art of rap music .

    “We started from the bottom now we’re here”, drones out Alex Trebek, most likely proclaiming the arc of the grand and mysterious journey that got him to where he is in the first place. “I am the commissioner, you don’t want to start”, he later drones, making concrete his role as Jeopardy’s one true leader. Friends. It’s a beautiful thing.

    Of course, we knew Alex Trebek was a true rap fan after this clip of him disparaging nerdcore rap— i.e. rap about nerdy subjects— has surfaced. Trebek only likes the hard stuff my friends! Only the hard stuff, for Trebek!

    What do you think of MC Jeopardy’s (my new nickname for Alex Trebek) rap persona? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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