Tiny Trump Meme Makes Internet Great Again

He's so wittwe.
By Alex Firer

  • To say Trump thinks a little bit about size would be a vast understatement. The president has obsessed over the size of his hands to— in a debate— the size of his dick, and its clear the guy has a lot of pained insecurity about the size of things. That’s what makes the Tiny Trump meme so darn juicy! It photoshops a smaller version of Trump into situations and lets the delight flow!

    The meme’s origins, while vague, are enjoying a new life over on Reddit’s Tiny Trump page. If you want to see Trump as a baby, as a leader of toy soldiers, or version just as a smaller of his already tiny self, then this Tiny Trump page is the way to go. You could submit your own too. Nothing to see here folks. Just a very little man, doing very little things. Check out some of our favorites below.

  • Tinytrumpsuitwt

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  • Trupsoldierswt

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  • Tinytrumpgolfwt

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  • The internet went even further and YouTuber Evil Ice Cream Pictures set the meme to motion, editing videos of Trump so he appears in them as a tiny tiny man in action. What do you think of Tiny Trump? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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