Male Models Save Teens in Central Park

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  • Warning: You will probably need saving once you lay eyes on these models turned heroes.

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  • On Monday night, seven teens were hanging out in Central Park doing what teens do best… taking selfies. Their night out took a turn for the worst, however, when they all fell into freezing cold waters. Luckily, models Ethan Turnbull and Bennett Jonas were around to save the day. When they saw the teens struggling, they decided to take action!

    In an interview with CNN’s Michaela Pereira, Bennet explains that he never once feared for his own safety. His primary focus was to save all of the teens as quickly as possible. *swoon* Not only are these boys super cute, they clearly have hearts of gold.

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  • After being hospitalized with hypothermia, some of the teens are now speaking out about their terrifying experience.

    In an interview with Darla Miles of ABC News,14-year-old Brandon Sargeant recalls his friend, Kevin, wanting to take a selfie on the ice. They assumed it was safe, but the ice quickly started caving.

    “It was cold, but my friend was about to drown. The ice was already cracking, so all of us tried to grab (him), because he was in the middle, and then he was panicking. And then when they got the ladder, the pulled the ladder and then everybody fell.”

    One victim still remains hospitalized, but we are wishing him a speedy recovery. As for the rest of the boys, I hope you all learned a very valuable lesson… the selfie isn’t always worth it!

    Thanks again, super-hot-good-samaritan-male-model-dudes. We appreciate your services.

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