This Parrot Thinks She’s A Dog

She barks like a dog, walks like a dog, and even whines like a dog!
By Alex Firer
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  • A bird with the mind of dog!? What sort of trickery be this? No trickery friend, but just a bird with a penchant for brilliant impressions doing them brilliantly, and walking, barking and whining amongst us as a dog.

    This parrot walks and barks like a dog. She even whines like a dog. It’s an amazing thing. Her owner manager to call her over and pick her up. “You are a good dog”, they no doubt want to say to her, “But also a parrot? It’s a really cool thing to watch. Why, you even throw your head back as if barking! Very nice!” As for us, we’re going to find the ultimate viral video— a dog who can do an impression of a parrot! Dogs! You must learn to fly! The magic must be had, Trend Heads (this is my new nickname for all you good people), I will not rest until I see a dog flying, eating crackers and serving the dark Vizier Jafar!

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