La La Land Mashed Up With Muppets Thanks To Funny or Die

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  • There has been a lot of love and a lot of criticism heaped on La La Land, although maybe… the most consistent criticism has been the very direct “Why is this movie starring Ryan Gosling instead of LA’s one true great talent, the Muppet known as Kermit the Frog?” Worry not, La La Land fans, Funny or Die has fixed this glaring, glaring error with their mash up Muppet Muppet Land.

    In the new edit, Kermit sings a bar from City of Stars and grows a warm and human with Emma Watson as he spits out his Muppet one liners, such as to imagine the audience naked as you perform to make yourself calmer. Ryan Gosling’s love of jazz is now in the past, man! In this new, much much better version of La La Land it’s all about singing banjo songs in the swamp! Oscar voters, please, is it not too late to change things and nominate this masterpiece in La La Land’s stand!

    Muppet Muppet Land wins Best Picture!? Oh man!

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