Panda Video With 138 Million Views Will Unite Us All

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  • In today’s divided world, it’s a hard thing to find a thing that unites us a country. Sure, Poke’mon Go came close, but then this whole election thing happened and we all lost sight of it! Well guess what my friends, there’s a new mass uniter on the horizon — and it is this video of a panda trying to play with its babysitter that — impossibly enough — has 138 million views.

    The video, showing a playful panda grabbing onto its keeper’s foot and trying to play as the keeper tries to keep its cage clean is certainly and absolutely adorable, and the video was posted by— I’m going to take a stab— a deeply important channel for panda footage, iPanda. iPanda’s baby panda footage is so adorable I think I will watch it another 138 million times just because.

    I wonder– what will be the next thing to unite us all? Two baby pandas hugging? Infinite baby pandas hugging? Maybe surly panda teens? Oh yeah! Surly panda teens just smoking behind a dumpster! Bless ye both, Panda teens! Bless ye both!

    Adorable. What do you think of this adorable Panda video? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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