Bootbae Is Here To Bootblock the Interboot

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  • We heard of boots. We heard of bae. But a bootbae!? Welcome to the new world, people!

    Bootbae, with but a swing of her boot, has delighted the internet at last, BootBae is nothing but a strong show of bootforce as she demands no one flirts with her boyfriend (or “boot friend” as we call them in the eternal land of the Bootbae). All with her amazing red boots no less.

    The video is short but it is pure, as, during a dating auction, when an entertainer simply approaches this young woman’s boyfriend, the young woman throws her boot up on his lap in glorious defiance. It’s beautiful (boot-tiful?). And it is delightful (bootlightful?). Reactions to BootBae have been all across the BootBoard.

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  • Then, the very blocked young lady chimed in— did Bootbae— bootblock her bootself!? This is in itself a point of controversy or– bootreversy as we call in the Land of the Boot, or as we have nicknamed it– America. Bootbae. You have staked your bootground and I saboot (salute, get it?) you.

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  • Oh Bootbae. Never not bootblocking.


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