Man Goes To Costa Rica To Take Puke Fruit Challenge, Pukes

Brave Wilderness, the group that brought us, "Man Getting Bitter By Painful Ant" brings us "Man Eating Gross Fruit".
By Alex Firer
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  • Ever since Jackass’ Johnny Knoxville cut his eye with a piece of paper on purpose, people have been testing the limits of their ridiculous bodies with ridiculous challenges. From the guy who let himself get bit by that bullet ant (remember that?), we now bring you— the Noni Fruit Challenge— or as he nicknames it, the Puke Fruit Challenge! Welcome to the puke fruit challenge, bros!

    They go to Costa Rica to eat this Puke Fruit. They go to Costa Rica just to barf. Normally, I would not go anywhere to barf, much less another country, but I wouldn’t let myself get bitten by a bullet ant either, so here we go.

    The host compares the smell of the fruit to bad milk covered in dog doo in a rubber boot. But apparently it’s healthy! I will spoil something for you. The man pukes and the man pukes big. I’m glad they play cute xylophone music over this puke footage (pukage?), because watching a dude barf for four minutes is barf.

    His friend is eating it though. So does she win or lose the puke fruit challenge? This is a mystery grand. The Puke Fruit Challenge only has one rule: the rule of the jungle. And the rule of eating puke fruit. Puke fruit!

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