Video of Fight Over Bagel Is A Surrealist Masterpiece

Bagelhead!? What does it mean!? Magnifique!
By Alex Firer

  • I’m not sure the tale of Bagelgate, or #Bagelgate. One part fight, one part Bagel on head, one part drunken journey through the transit system of England. Is this what they’re up to in Britain? Insane weird bullying over one of our greatest breakfast foods?

    Watch the video above and tell me what you think. The whole thing tracks like a French New Wave film with jump cuts and all. We jump from a woman putting a bagel on her head, to a generic fight, to a guy getting a bagel on his head— RIGHT to a jump cut of him throwing the bagel out the window. Then we get a group of Londoners singing a song about how the man has a bagel on his head. Then the next shot, the camera man peeking through a window as people fight in the street. Then everyone is quiet as they are reprimanded. What. on Earth. Is Happening here!?

    Surrealist comic book writer Grant Morrison once said he prided one of his books on only including the action and none of the set up. The same is true for whomever shot Bagelhead. Or Bagelgate or whatever.

    I gotta say, our American fight videos? A lot less artistically produced. Monsieur Bagelheadgate! Vous etes un ami du monde du cinema! Oui oui! Paris! Oui! Cinema! Oui!

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