Jimmy Kimmel Explains Voting Snafu

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  • So, Envelopegate! What happened!? Why happened!? How happened!? When… happened!? Certainly, a lot of question to be asked and Kimmel tried his hardest to answer them on his show’s monologue the next day.

    He talked about how the show should have ended — as all good Oscar telecasts should — with the beaming host sitting next to Matt Damon, saying good bye. Kimmel discussed sitting in the audience however, watching the commotion, and thinking “the host has got to do something”, before going “Wait a second. I’m the host.”

    The rest we can see in the now famous telecast. Jimmy Kimmel yelling at Beatty, “Warren Beatty, what did you do!” as the actors musters an excuse. What wasn’t covered was Kimmel very confusingly asking why both movies couldn’t keep the award. That’s just not how it works Jimmy! If it did, they should have done something crazy and called the horny hot dog from Sausage Party, the only film that truly deserved the Oscar for Horniest Hot Dogs but not best picture, up!

    Also Kimmel insists if it was a prank, he would have put a Bed Bath and Beyond coupon in the envelope which is funny, but not as insane as what happened and thus worse.

    In any case, I will not, nay, I refuse to get tired of discussing Envelopegate, aka The Time Moonlight Won Best Picture But La La Land Got Called Up First,aka Oops: The Movie!


    Do you buy Kimmel’s explanation of how this all went down, baby!? Let us know. Comments. Or. I’m going to say it. I’m going to say it! Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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