Boston Introduces Handle, The High Jumping Robot

Please be my robot friend, Handle.
By Alex Firer
  • I greet my robot brethren with glee, for after all, can human and robot beast not be friends!? Have you not witnessed Futurama, A.I, Terminator (just the good Terminator though) and Robin Williams’ Bicentennial Man!?

    Well Boston Dynamics have unveiled their latest incredible mechanical man. Meet my bro Handle! Ah, Handle! Good man, that Handle. Good man, good robot!

    Handle can run at nine miles an hour, jump four feet in the air and stands at a ridiculous six foot five. So basically, he’s a particularly athletic human, only with metallic skin! Is he a better human than I!? Am I envious of Handle’s amazing abilities? Maybe. Maybe. But can Handle write posts about Handle!? No! Handle has no fingers! Handle can only pick up a very heavy computer with a story about Handle (Handle can pick up 100lbs).

    Handle looks like he was designed to hunt human in a post apocalyptic universe, but I believe in you Handle, I believe in you!

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