Cash Me Outside Girl Making 30k A Year In Appearances

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  • Our celebrities in the age of the internet can be an odd collection of ducks. We started with a kid best known for pretending to be a Jedi badly (ah yes, he says puffing on his pipe, “Star Wars Kid”), to this— the Cash Me Outside girl! A lady best known for saying “Cash Me Outside” to Dr. Phil in ages past. Recently she’s been in the news again. Once for an airplane fight and another time for telling Dr. Phil he is nothing without her, a clip I love that I’ll post at the end of this entry so none of you ever doubt the power of the Cash Me Outside girl.

    A video of the Cash Me Outside Girl, aka 13 year old Danielle Bregoli, has surfaced of her fighting outside a bar, which for a 13 year old is– let’s say– very unconventional. Also, news reports have come forward that Cash Me Outside Girl is going to also Cash Herself Out as well as producers have offered her the chance to appear on a scripted television show. So, as much as we try to Cash Her Outside, Danielle will always be the one cashing. Wether it’s us outside, or checks in an ATM, we will always be cashed.

    I mean, what kind of 13 year old gets into fights outside of bars? That’s so bananas. Also, what kind of 13 year old stops Dr. Phil in his tracks? Let’s watch the clip of Dr. Phil stopped in his tracks.

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  • Cash Me Outside might steal cars and start fights, but she knows the game, people! She knows the game!

    What do you think of Cash Me Outside Girl’s fights and fame? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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