The Windmill Kids Recreate Video as Windmill Adults

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  • Have you seen the original Windmill Kids video that went viral sometime back?! If not, get ready to get him by a veritable super punch of go go hyper positivity! The original video is from a BBC kid’s show titled Emu’s All Live Pink Windmill Show, and watch it below and be blown away by the pure positivity. Get ready for the glam, people!

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  • But here’s the thing about having that much pure Abba inspired rhythm — you think that stuff goes away!? Nay, fowl skeptic! You never lose the rhythm, my man! That’s why the Pink Windmill kids met up together 33 years later as adults to recreate their pure positive glory, for Comedy Relief, the charity comedy telecast created to raise money for impoverished children. Watch these Pink Windmill Heroes doing their thing!

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  • I guess they really meant it when they sang “It’s really something magic/to lose it would be tragic”. It’s charming, despite, as Buzzfeed pointed out, the ever egregious loss of Spencer who did not do the song due to personal obligations. Spencer! This is art! Spencer!

    What did you think of either the video or the disco inspired Singing’ in the Rain cover from this same TV show that goes to Japan for some reason? Let me know. Comments are good? Twitter at @WhatsTrending? Oh that’s great too! Guys, it’s all so great!

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