Is Oprah Considering a Presidential Run?

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  • Hoo boy, once in a while, a story comes across the horizon that makes you go “Now that’s a story! What a meatball! Hoo boy! Ohh!”. This my friends, is 100% such a story as Oprah Winfrey slowly becomes more open to the idea of running for presidency.

    Donald Trump has broken a lot of barriers— none of them good — but one of them has been the need for experience to enter public office. The precedent is now set that being a very famous person for a few decades is all the experience needed in this garbage world. Oprah being one of them.

    When the talk show host/producer/magnate/bon vivant met with podcast host David Rubenstein on Bloomberg and when the question came up, Oprah declared —

    “I actually never thought that that was— I never considered the conversation even a possibility, I just thought oh, oh… No that that won’t be happening, but I mean, I did used to think, well gee, you had to know so much more than I thought you had to know.

    So, okay, she’s not running for president… yet! But in the age of Trump, can’t we have the anti Trump running for a little bit too? She made everyone in America read John Steinbeck for goodness sakes! This is a far cry, as CNN points out, from her statement of “Never” on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Come on Oprah. if we HAVE to elect a completely unqualified celebrity, let’s get a brilliant one in there at least.

    What do you think? Is Oprah going to run or is this naught but hogwash? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending

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