What Do You Think of Kylie Jenner’s Topless Instagram?

Topless Instagram: Hero or Villain?
By Alex Firer
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    Source: i.imgur.com / Via: www.instagram.com

  • The Kardashians are artists as far as I’m concerned — artists in the glorious and everlasting art form in grabbing headlines, and Kylie Jenner has done as much, posting tasteful topless photos on her Instagram wherein additionally she is holding a join. The internet is torn asunder. Are these photos, as some put it, a bad influence on teens and kids? What with the pot smoking and the nudity? Does none of it matter because oh man pot is pretty much almost legal everywhere. Or is the thing we should be mad at the power grab for attention? Is that the weird part? Is it weird that you can get all this attention so easily?

    Maybe all of it is both weird and beautiful at the same time. Yeah, we’ll go with that. What do you think of the photos? Are they art or a bad influence? Let us know on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.