Colbert Gives Jeff Sessions The Business

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  • It’s been about twenty four hours since Jeff Sessions, the attorney general (for now) recused himself from the investigations concerning his own ties to Russia, which makes sense. You don’t want a criminal investigating his own crimes! That’s some Marvel’s Daredevil stuff, and buddy if Jeff Sessions is anyone in the Marvel Universe, it’s Pip the Troll, but a Pip the Troll who is stupidly rambling old man opinion on transgender bathrooms. But I digress. Stephen Colbert has a take and it is good.

    Jeff Sessions is in the news, which means Colbert will be giving his spiel on him, and he doesn’t just focus on Sessions. How could he? The Cyrillic longhand on this entire situation ends with the words Trump lovingly scrawled in Russian handwriting, and Stephen focuses on that, damningly saying that the biggest piece of evidence of Russian election interference? Sitting right in the oval office. Which makes sense, leave it to the Russians to bank all their hopes on a pop culture figure just that darned dated.

    Colbert’s monologue is amazing, and his point out that Sessions committed perjury for zero reason is ridiculous and on point. What was your favorite part? You know the deal Trenderinos! Comments and Twitter (@WhatsTrending.)

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