Ariana Grande Rushed By Fan In Philly

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  • Being a starlet seems awful. Sure, you get to be the coolest young so and so this side of youth, but then the fans! The mad fans! The crazed no good fans! Just ask Ariana Grande. A fan rushed the stage during her Dangerous Woman tour while on a stop in Philadelphia. He comes up behind her so awkwardly, oh it’s so tough to watch. I don’t know what this guy was trying to do, but I’m glad he got stopped by the proper agencies!

    You can hear Ariana Grande asking the security guards not to hurt him which is a fair request. But buddy. You gotta stop rushing stages. It’s not a good look my man. Imagine you were singing your latest hit song “Moonlight” and someone tackled you. You’d hate it right? That’s what I thought.

    Watch the altercation above and tell us what you think at the usual places. Comments and Twitter at @WhatsTrending. You know the drill.

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