New Bluetooth Condom Tells You How Good You Are At Sex

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  • We all know you go to What’s Trending for this: the latest in condom news. “I love using condoms” you say, “And I have to get my latest condom news! Putting a sheet of rubber on either my genitals or the genitals of my sex partner!? My favorite! But if only the condom was also a robot”. You freakish mutant, that request is too specific! Or— is it!?

    The new iCon condom is here, and it is like a fit bit for your penis. It will measure your thrust velocity, calorie burning, amount of time you’ve had sex, number of positions. If you’re an insane weirdo who needs to know these things, then this product is incredibly good news. This condom can be purchased here. No word wether or not it stops pregnancy or just tells you how good you are at sex, but I assume it stops pregnancy too.

    What do you think of the iCon? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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