Woman Selling Used Implants on Ebay

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  • Look. Everyone here comes to What’s Trending for two reasons — news about the latest pop culture going ons— and to find out if anyone is selling their breast implants on Ebay. Time and time again, you come to this website, finding plenty of the former but so little of the latter. Well, your luck is good, because a story from the UK has recently shown that a woman has been selling her used implants on Ebay.

    The implants were being sold by one Kat_12345, and were reported to be in excellent condition and are being sold due to being the incorrect size for her. So if that weird photo looks approximately your size, then bid, my friend, bid!

    We live in America where we like our implants Ebay’d and our Cheetos Harambe’d. We are truly the land of the free.

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