Man Dressed as Left Shark Robs Gas Station

Left Shark has turned to crime.
By Alex Firer

  • It’s always tragic when a beloved celebrity has turned to crime, and no sadder is the tale of Left Shark, who was recently seen holding up a gas station, and while no one was harmed, we can’t help but wonder — Left Shark — hero or villain? Has the Shark Costumed Individual best known for dancing badly at the Super Bowl turn to crime? Sure, some may say it was just a guy IN a Left Shark Costume, but some of us here know a lot better. Left Shark has turned to crime, and each of us is the worse for it.

    Who’s next? The Harambe Cheeto!? The concept of the song Gagnam Style!? Grumpy Cat!? Is Grumpy Cat going on a Grumpy Spree!? What, you don’t know what a grumpy spree!? This is why memes turn to crime. Just look at Pepe the Frog. Pepe used to be such a good frog. Now he’s the symbol of the alt right. We’re lucky all Left Shark did was rob a bank. First he dances stupidly, now this. Left Shark. You break my left heart.

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