Openly Gay LeFou Causes Film To Be Banned In Alabama, Russia

But dancing with a buffalo dog man is okay to them?
By Alex Firer

  • Who would have thought LeFou, the little guy whose name translates to “The Fool”, and is best known for being Gaston’s weird looking friend, could ever cause so much moral consernation. But such is the case, as LeFou’s recent outing as gay by director Bill Condon has caused the live action Beauty and the Beast to be banned in a variety of— clearly homophobic— markets.

    A drive in in Alabama has banned the film, with the company saying “If I can’t show a movie with God or Jesus sitting by me, then we have no business showing it.” which is an extremely normal thing to say. What movie would you feel comfortable watching with God, anyway? If a sex scene comes on in a film, and you’re sitting next to God, do you feel weird or nah?

    Russia has also banned the film since openly telling children about homosexuality has been illegal in Russia since 2013— so congrats, Alabama. You and Russia have something in common.

    We here at What’s Trending support the openly gay LeFou, and find it insane that a movie where a woman dates a gigantic cow-dog man is finding people mad at it for having a guy whose sexuality is a lot more— normal than dating a cow-dog man.

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