Moana Honest Trailer Tests How Far They’ll Go

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  • Honest Trailers has regaled us before, turning its honest eyes on fare such as Star Wars, Finding Dory and Deadpool, and now it’s taken a look at one of the most popular animated films of 2016, Moana, the musical about a demigod and a princess searching for a Goddess to return the elements of nature back to her island.

    Honest Trailers gives this film a gentle ribbing — what else could they give a film so charming? They point out the — honestly mostly superficial — similarities with Lilio and Stitch, how the film’s protagonist doesn’t really go through a ton of changes (she starts song, and she ends strong, my friends). They also have much to say about The Rock’s singing — nothing good — but do predict his presidency for whatever it’s worth. You heard it here first, folks! Here in the honest trailer, where all the great news is delivered!

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