Snake Bred To Be Adorned In Emoji

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  • In the hit film The Matrix, the Wachowski’s signifier that we were living in a computer program was the use of one’s and zero’s in code and bright green — meant to be similar to the DOS start up screen — that we were living in a computer simulation. Today, it would be a little different, as this snake, bred to have emojis in its skin — clearly shows.

    This emoji snake is bred by one Justin Kobylka for his online store where he sells strange reptiles that he bred for their uniqueness — and this one is certainly just that. You can find more at his YouTube Channel.

    The snake — worth $4,500 — is draped tail to head in ghostly smiling faces. It used to be a piebald — and it is a piebald still — but now its a smiling piebald covered in smiles. It really puts that scene where Forrest Gump invents the smiley face into a different context. Was he creating a smile — or was it a terrifying threat of the snake like madness that encroaches upon us!? Maybe both!? I dunno, do I look like a snake scientist to you or something!?

    And is this snake proof we are living in a Matrix — albeit one a little more commercials minded than the one in the movie? Probably no to the Matrix thing but— probably yes to the snake being great?! We’ll say so!

    And you, my friend! What do you think of the smiley covered snake? Do you love it!? Does it love you!? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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