Statue of Liberty GOES DARK on Eve of Day Without A Woman

A powerful message, wether intentional or not.
By Alex Firer
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  • Was it a glitch? A powerful message to the oppressed? Or a woman taking her right to take the day off to protest the president for Day Without A Woman? Whatever the facts, one thing is sure: the Statue of Liberty has went dark on March 7th, 2017 on the eve of International Women’s Day.

    When it comes to moments when the world watches and the world reacts to the horrors going on — from an unconstitutional Muslim ban, to a government with unchecked power, to a president who has bragged about sexual assault, the most prominent woman in American architecture, a woman who represents liberty, freedom, and the welcoming of those who are trying to come to America in search of a better life, going dark is a powerful message. The night the Statue went dark will lead into, March 8th, Day Without a Woman — a day when women across the nation are taking the day off to show the world that it can’t circle without them as cleanly as it thought. The Women’s March has thanked the statue for seemingly taking the day off with them.

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  • The reality of the situation however might be a little more tech based than protest based, as the Statue of Liberty reportedly went out due to a glitch.

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  • However, the National Parks have protested Trump before, so who knows the truth. Regardless of what the reasons, the statue going out sends a powerful message to what Americ is, and what it stands for.

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