Kid Weatherman Crashes Show, Predicts Toots

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  • Alright citizens of Jackson, Mississippi, get your fartbrellas out, because this kid weatherman is predicting toots, and quite a bit of them in this wonderful example of a good news blooper.

    As Patrick Ellis was giving his daily weather report, a young kid named Houston ran on to give a little weather report of his own. First he questioned these so called experts. “I don’t know what’s going on but Zane doesn’t know! Are you sure!? Are you, crazy sure!?” A bold question in today’s age. Who is Zane? What is truth? How can anyone truly KNOW the weather (outside of meteorology equipment of course, but how can they KNOW know, right?).

    Then the kid predicted the weather. He pointed one finger and predicted farts. He pointed another finger and predicted toots! Farts and toots all over! Soon this mad sage is scooped up by his father, and his message is laughed at. But when the Pooticane hits Jackson, they will come to him for wisdom, but it will be too late. He will be grounded for talking about all them farts!

    What do you think of the story? Are you prepared for all them toots? Let us know in the farty comments or on poot poot Twitter at @WhatsTrending.


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