Game of Thrones Season 7 Teaser Is Here

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  • Are you a fan of thrones? Thrones playing games? Seven seasons of thrones playing games!? Big fat books turning into big fat shows!? Then I have great news — the season 7 teaser for Game of Thrones is here!

    The hints we get are subtle— dragons fighting elks. Statue, a dim darkness all around us. Are all the families going to war? Is that why the final words of dialogue hint at a great war!? Yes yes, possibly, yes. Although have you considered the other possibility? This new season could just be about everyone’s animal toys coming to life and listening to all the Game of Thrones characters talk? Yes, this is most likely. Like Toy Story, but with scary toys, and Andy having a MUCH more interesting life. Many people would never dare to predict the new season of Game of Thrones would be about everyone’s toys coming to life. But I just did! So put it on the pile people, you must!

    The trailer ends with the date “7.16”, which according to my brilliant predicting abilities means the show is coming out on 7/16, or — July 16th in “layman’s terms”. Either way, we can’t wait.

    Can you? Tell us on Twitter at @WhatTrending and remember — Thrones are great! Wee!

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