Serious BBC Interview Interrupted By Sauntering Child

A baby is in this too -- it heightens, my friends, it heightens!
By Alex Firer

  • Rarely does a video bring together the world in such a way (although I was hoping this screaming dog would do the trick, tbh), but it’s rare that kids can crash a serious BBC interview quite so adorably. That’s what happened on BBC this morning as Robert Kelly was trying to discuss the ousting of the South Korean president when he was interrupted by the entering of his child. No — the child doesn’t just enter. She SAUNTERS in, arms a swiveling, nothing but pride all around.

    Embarrassing? A little, sure. Delightful? Oh, heck yeah! Then, in classic clean comedy heightening — here comes a baby! A baby is younger than a toddler! And it’s in a little chair? Hopping in!? Looking goofy as all get out!? Adorable! Then the mom runs in, grabs them, and slides out closing the door. Just a sweet video to make our Fridays a little better.

    Sure hope everything’s going to be okay in South Korea though.

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