Girl Swept Away By Mighty Wind

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  • Look, we here at What’s Trending understand the incredible infectious use of kids in viral videos. Why, today gave us a particularly legendary one, what with the kids walking in on that guys’ BBC interview, now here’s another one — a child being swept away by the mighty wind as they reach for a door. As I do with all three second video, I will analyze it using the best of my film school education.

    You may remember when I did this for the screaming dog — a terrifying film.

    This one? Much closer to a silent comedy.

    Second One: Excitement! The girl walks up to the door expecting normalcy.

    Second Two: Build up. Something is the matter. We sense some tension between the girl and the door.

    Second Three: The girl flies off comically as the door swings open, disappearing off camera! What adventures await her off screen? Who truly knows!

    Directed by Jacques Tati

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