John Oliver Tears Apart Trumpcare

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  • The Trump administration has given John Oliver much to talk about in recent weeks — wether it’s the lies that make up his DNA, to the weird attitude Trump has towards Obamacare. And now he’s back to continue the discussion of the new Trumpcare document (or the AHCA as the GOP wants to call it), and his view of it is damning.

    As the meme so accurately showed us all — no one likes this new healthcare bill. And why should they? Old people are screwed over by it, young people are screwed over by it— the only people who seem to be benefited by this is a bunch of the hyper rich who stand to gain a zero in the end of their astronomically high net worth— a zero that they will probably not be pouring back into the economy.

    John Oliver has a strategy however in how to make Trump aware of just how hated this healthcare plan is— play commercials for it on Fox and Friends! The only show the president seems to watch! And thus returns the “Catheter Cowboy”, the sweet old man wisened cowboy who John Oliver trots out when he needs to convince Trump of something, and the results must be seen.

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