Sean Spicer Accosted at Apple Store, Doesn’t Talk About Gum

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  • A video was released over the weekend of a woman accosting Sean Spicer at an Apple Store and demanding from him the answers he owes, and won’t give, the American people — including — did he collude with the Russians? Did the president? Is it disgusting that he worked with Russia or is he like— okay with it?

    All of this is wonderful, but we have some questions of our own— Did you have that upside down flag pin because you swallowed too much gum? Are you working with the Russians because of all the gum you swallowed? Does Trump ever make fun of you for eating so much gum? Why do you lie to us every morning at the behest of a government force waiting to be pooped out as quickly as possible and also how much gum is in your guts as you do it? Can you eat some gum for us now? Thank you Mr. Gum.

    For more gum based news, talk to us people, in the comments. Maybe on Twitter at @WhatsTrending. All of it is good.

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