SNL Presents: Ivanka Trump’s Complicit

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  • SNL present a new perfume just for the woman on the go, a woman whose brand is left leaning, but she supports her oppressive president father. We call that smell… Complicit. SNL aired the (parody) ad on their Scarlett Johansson episode of Saturday Night Live, and we see her walk through a room, just smelling of that complicity. We see people’s faces change as they catch on to just how dark this really truly is, and when you go in and arrange your lipstick while complicit, maybe your father is in the reflection. Your weird currently-healthcare-repealing father…

  • Complicit – SNL

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  • This wasn’t the only Donald Trump sketch on SNL’s last night. The cold open — involving Trump being an ignoramus in the midst of an alien invasion — worked well, but the stand out of the night, involving a translation machine for dogs whose opinions are a little more complicit themselves then we’d like. You can watch that sketch below.

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  • Translator – SNL

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