SXSW: Julien Somolita Helps Us Master Vlogging

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  • “What is a Vlogger” is the question that Julien Solomita looks to answer with his upcoming movie, and in this conversation he reveals what it takes to become a great vlogger. He discusses the upcoming drone technology and what they will mean for the development of video vlogging, his relationship with famed influencer Jenna Marbles, and his history working in radio production during and after college.

    Julien Solomita remains an important voice in what it means to be a vlogger or a video influencer. Things get darker as he discusses a recent car accident he’s been in that he ended up reflecting on in a video that came out more raw than he could have expected. Additionally, Julien covers how to avoid oversharing to avoid yourself feeling empty, and to avoid caring about how you come off when vlogging in public. They then play “The Love Guru” as Julien judges wether or not relationships will last. All in all, an engrossing interview.

    Shira Lazar has been in conversation with creators and entrepreneurs all weekend at SXSW including Scott Aukerman, Warren G and many more. You can check them out at Comcast’s Facebook page, and make sure to leave a comment or follow What’s Trending on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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